Information Sources

Offering very well known and high-impact publications that serve as resources for the academic, governmental and corporate sector

Innovative Solutions

Databases and new technologies to support patent application, research & development, library and university management

eBook Resources

Online book platform designed to promote publications from Latin America.

Conservation Solution

A revolutionary coated self-adhesive, acid-free envelopes and easy-to-use machinery for book repair and preservation


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Hands-on Experience

We provide the ability to test our products. We want you to have a peace of mind knowing that you will have the best in your hands.

Training Availability

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We count with a team of professionals that abound in different areas of knowledge, in order to provide training for our customers.

Tech Assistance

Available 24 / 7

Our team is trained to perform and support all kinds of technical issues related to our products.

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Sales Team

Sales Team

Our sales department is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to develop and build new business across all of our existing product lines. Our consultants are considered experts in the field, who are relied upon for their business and market knowledge. We cover territories across the globe, covering from USA and Canada, to Latin America.

Training Team

Training Team

We arrange trainings that are designed to provide a complete overview of a particular topic and/or courses which can be customized to suit your need. With this purpose, we have a multidisciplinary group of trainers who receive constant training in order to continually provide the most accurate information about any topic or course.

Send Us a Message

Send Us a Message

Your questions and comments are important to us. You can contact us by selecting a specific area of interest or if you don’t see what you need, you can also reach us by phone or email as well. We will make sure to cover your needs.