The American Association for Advancement of Science

The American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) began their publications work in 1880 with investment from Thomas Edison, and has grown to become the go-to publishing resource for scientific news, research and commentary.

AAAS publishes leading journals which cross the fields of science broadly such as in the areas of agriculture, astronomy, biological science, chemistry, engineering, geology and geography, computer science, mathematics and statistics, medical science, physics, psychology, social and political science. Their flagship journal, Science Magazine, has worldwide adoption at leading research institutions and consistently earns extremely high impact factors and its articles are among the world’s most cited research.

AAAS publishes those peer-reviewed papers that are most influential in their fields or across fields and that will significantly advance scientific understanding. As a result, publications of AAAS are essential enabling resources for institutions and corporations engaged in research, development, engineering and technology for furthering research initiatives and making wise business decisions.

Discipline areas of coverage: general science, life science, physical sciences, and economics-education-history as they relate to scientific areas.


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