Chemical Abstracts Service

CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society and its mission is to provide the world’s best digital research environment to search, retrieve, analyze and link chemical information. Founded in 1907 to monitor, abstract, and index the world’s chemistry-related literature and make it available to the scientific community.

CAS delivers the most complete, cross-linked, and effective digital information environment for scientific research and discovery through such products as SciFinder, STN, Patent Pak, STN Express, and STN AnaVist™, NCI Global, as well as services, such as Science IP.

CAS databases streamline the investigative process with the most comprehensive, current and broad information, allowing users to rapidly find the important and necessary information in Chemistry and related areas. This translates to a better ability to be first to invent and innovate, as well as insight so others’ technology will not be infringed upon.

Discipline areas of coverage: Multi-disciplinary Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Biology, Medicine, Aeronautics & Defense, Agrochemical, Biomass/Biofuel, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Metal & Mining, Petrochemical, Wood & Paper, Wastewater treatment.


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