28 Sep 2016

ITMS Day Perú


UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE TRUJILLO Impacto de las Bibliotecas Modernas en la Docencia y la investigación Universitaria” 06 y 07 de Octubre 2,016 Hora 8:00 am.   Visite nuestra página de facebook

29 Feb 2016



Bioscientifica – Bioscientifica collaborates with leading biomedical societies to publish and develop journals that have high impact, a wide reach, and a healthy financial return. Their publishing portfolio includes high-impact subscription titles, open-access journals and online resources…more details

29 Feb 2016



Quetzal – Quetzal won an award from the US National Library of Medicine in recognition of the innovative approach. Quetzal® Search and communication (www.Quetzal-Search.info) is a biomedical search engine. Built on Quertle’s Quantum Logic Linguistic™ technology, Quetzal is specifically optimized for biomedical, life science and healthcare professionals…more details

02 Jun 2015

Macaw Press


Macaw Press – ITMS Group introduces the new MacawPress platform. We provide authors of great works a distribution alternative from big-house publishers to this new platform…more details