03 Mar 2016


Luciana Montanari

Feedback Sobre: ASTM The ASTM database was used by me to get some standards of my interest, more particularly for the Mechanical Engineering area. Through the obtained standards I could develop some prototypes and production of test specimens. Coincidentally, I am a teacher responsible for the discipline named Methodology and Research Bibliography in the Post-Graduation […]

29 Feb 2016

Prof. Domingues

Antonio Domingues de Figueiredo

Feedback About: ASTM Professor Antonio Domingues de Figueiredo, Professor at Escola Politécnica – University of São Paulo In my opinion, to have access to ASTM standards is an important contribution to the technological research work. Firstly because there are different approaches between Brazilian and American standards and it is very important to contrast them. In […]

29 Feb 2016

Dr. Richard Taylor


Feedback About: SciFinder Dr. Richard Taylor “Considering the rapid research output across cutting-edge areas in the Chemical Sciences, having SciFinder® as an extremely robust and up-to-date tool for searching the scientific literature is invaluable since it allows one to more targetedly explore, develop, refine and validate your research ideas before embarking on them.”

29 Feb 2016

Dra. Yvonne P


Feedback About: ASTM Professor Yvonne P Mascarenhas It is with great satisfaction that I present my testimonial about ASTM partnership with CAPES, through the access of ASTM DL via CAPES Portal, in existence since 2010. It has been invaluable for the progress of our academic work through its use as a quick source and reliably […]

29 Feb 2016

Dr. Osvaldo Cox

Osvaldo Cox

Feedback About: SciFinder Professor of Chemistry – Chemical, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Laboratory Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico “SciFinder is one of the most useful resources in scientific research specially for us who work developing and designing organic molecules. In SciFinder we can search if the structure being planned has been previously made by somebody […]

29 Feb 2016

Prof. Fernandez


Feedback About: ASTM I always use ASTM standards, although I am member as revising standards therefore I am entitled to a book a year, having the standards updated by the time I need them, it has been a great help. For me ASTM Compass is wonderful!