Get to know the CoLibrì System product

CoLibrì System is the undisputed market leader in the book covering and protecting systems and services sector.

  • The main application areas of the CoLibrì System are, firstly, the school and university sector, and secondly, the world of libraries and book archives, where it has become especially popular.
  • The solution simplifies the book conservation and protection process, works extremely fast, easily and with great quality. Its automatic bookbinding system protects books in just 20 seconds.
  • The CoLibrì System is an extraordinary advance in the technological and sustainable stage. Both the CoLibrì machine and the special envelopes used are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Benefits of CoLibrì Products

Easy to use

Simple and practical, everyone can learn to use.

Very fast

Bind a book in just 20 seconds.


Your collection preserved in record time.

Sustainable solution

Durable, 100% recyclable and non-toxic materials.

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Your book acquis preserved and protected!

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Your books preserved uncomplicated!

Keep your books safe and reduce your maintenance costs

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