Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a company that offers subscription-based online reference content. It provides full-text online versions of more than 700 published reference works from over 70 publishers, including general and subject dictionaries and encyclopedias

Credo Reference hosts Academic Core, which is a completely customizable online reference solution for learners and librarians. Publisher Collections and Subject Collections enable libraries to augment their collections with subject-specific content from highly-regarded publishers. Users will experience the content as a fully integrated part of their Credo Reference experience.

The newly released Literati solution takes the next step in giving users information skills necessary for their academic, professional and personal success. Literati builds on Credo Online Reference Service with completely customizable services provided by their own instructional librarians and educators.

In a world where information is pervasive and expanding exponentially, the tools of Credo enable users to quickly and reliably find, link and assess the information and content that is truly relevant and essential to their work.

Discipline areas of coverage: multi-disciplinary.


For information on all Credo Reference publications visit their website at Credo Reference Publications

For additional information on policies, training, and support please go to Credo Reference Librarians