Environmental Monitoring System

The Hanwell wireless environmental monitoring and control range is the result of more than 20 years of research. Our objective is to assist curators in the ongoing battle to preserve and conserve artefacts using environmental monitoring solutions

Radiolog Repetidor

The repeater is a Hanwell radio telemetry transmitter, designed for use with the Radiolog environmental monitoring system. The units are in IP65- rated cases, suitable for use in tough environments and are powered by an external 12 DC supply…

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Smart Receiver (SR2)

Unlike the Dialog monitorization system CR1 and CR2, the Smart Receiver (SR2) allow you to work by net, controlling several buildings at the same time, from the same computer (even at national level).
In addition to receiving data…

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Sensor ML-4106

The ml4106 is part of the top range of temperature and humidity data loggers. These allow a wireless monitoring, with real time alarm, and historical data analysis.
Each ml4106 data logger reads its on-board sensors to …

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Sensor ML-4703

It is recognized that one of the major causes of damage to works of art, fine furniture, carpets, wall coverings and museum exhibits is light falling on the objects.
Hanwell provide a range of instruments that enable the conservator to measure the…

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