Institution of Civil Engineers

ICE was founded in 1818 by a small group of idealistic young men. They were granted a royal charter in 1828 where we declared that their aim was to “foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering”.

The ICE Virtual Library hosts all the content from ICE Publishing, the publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). They create innovative products and services for the civil engineering and construction markets. These include books, journals, recruitment and training, as well as best practice, news and networking opportunities around the NEC and Eurocodes.

ICE Virtual Library focuses to advance the application of civil engineering to industry, science, and society, promote research that will lead to effective civil engineering methods and techniques for science, engineering, industry, and society and provide media for the exchange of information and ideas among civil engineering and scientists.

Discipline areas of coverage: Civil engineering and construction markets.

For information on all ICE publications visit their website at ICE Publications

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