Information Sources

Obtain access to the collection of leading academic editors in Latin America and around the world. Scientific publications in the areas of human, exact and biological produced by major international publishers.


Established in 1898, ASTM International provides a global forum for the development and publication of international voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services.

Known for their high quality and technical market relevance, ASTM standards are used in R&D quality systems and product testing worldwide to improve product quality, increase safety, facilitate access to market and trade.

Leading publishers of technical journals, scientific journals and computer science publications, involving topics such as information technology, networking, big data, among others.

With a subscription, you get access to 33 current technical and scientific journals, complete archives, and multiple search options, with over 60,000 articles and documents.


SAE International

A global association of engineers and technical experts specializing in the aerospace and automotive industry. SAE International’s core competencies are the development of technical standards for voluntary consensus and lifelong learning.

The SAE Digital Library provides access to technical documents, norms, books, and magazines from SAE International and other reputed institutions. SAE is a leader in connecting and educating engineers by promoting, developing and advancing the engineering of commercial, aerospace and automotive vehicles.

A leader in biomedicine research, Rockefeller University has been dedicated to the innovation and integrity of its research for over a century. Similarly, RUP, the university’s publisher, maintains a high standard of quality in its scientific publications.

The RUP’s Journals bring consistent work following the rigorous peer review method. To cover the scope of the work of renowned researchers, the RUP recently launched the multimedia content publishing initiative.

Rockefeller University Press – RUP


One of the largest independent publishers in the United States, established in 1986, Bloomsbury publishes Nobel Prize and Pulitzer winning authors, among others. It covers a wide range of subjects in the humanities area, reference in literature, performing arts, fashion performing arts and architecture. Highly relevant to readers and researchers of the humanities.