03 Mar 2016


Luciana Montanari

Feedback Sobre: ASTM

The ASTM database was used by me to get some standards of my interest, more particularly for the Mechanical Engineering area. Through the obtained standards I could develop some prototypes and production of test specimens.
Coincidentally, I am a teacher responsible for the discipline named Methodology and Research Bibliography in the Post-Graduation course at Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo ( School of Engineering of São Carlos, University of São Paulo). The course is offered to students of the Post-Graduation in Mechanical Engineering and other disciplines such as Materials Engineering, Physics, Production Engineering, etc. In this discipline I teach students search technics for scientific papers, standards and patents in databases. One of the databases used is ASTM. Thus, the database is disclosed to students and used in many papers developed in the university, citing papers obtained by ASTM database, as well as scientific articles and standards.