We contribute to the advancement of science in Latin America

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  • ITMS Group is the leading provider of resources, products and solutions for optimizing library management and enabling scientific research in various fields of knowledge. We unify everything in one place!
  • Our 4 divisions were created to meet the information and management needs of research institutions and industries. Here you will find high-level technologies, content sources, collections conservation resources and much more.
  • We are present in all Latin America, offering impactful solutions to over 1,000 institutions. You can count on the support and experience of ITMS Group to promote your research.


We unify everything in one place, all tools and resources for the development of research work.

Systems and Tools

Your research work is simplified with our data analysis solutions and search engines.

Information Sources

We simplify access to the most relevant scientific publications for your area of knowledge.

Conservation Solution

Restoring and preserving books become much simpler when libraries use our solutions.

Our story begins in 2005,

When we first met with high impact academic librarians and publishers to announce our new enterprise. We would be the company responsible for mediating the entire process of acquiring electronic scientific journals in Latin America.

The operation started in South America,

In partnership with local representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Soon after, we also hit the Caribbean and Central America. By working with local agents, we became able to understand each client’s needs and improve integration with publishers. As we continued to expand, in 2012 we formed the ITMS Group.

We expanded our horizons,

Today we represent various product lines for universities, research institutions and the corporate market. We provide information services to over 1,000 clients, covering humanities, science, engineering, patents, book repair and healthcare.

  • 1
    We started our operations in 2005
  • 2
    We represent more than 20 high impact publishers
  • 3
    More than 1 million works available in scientific collections
  • 4
    We are present in all Latin America
  • 5
    Offering resources to over 1,000 institutions
  • 6
    We contribute to the development of high-level research

Our Main Products

To enable and encourage the production of new knowledge, we deliver a series of resources that optimize the essential activities of all scientific research.

  • ITMS Analytics

    ITMS Analytics

    A Business Intelligence tool that allows libraries to accurately analyze data and metrics to identify trends in the use of the collection and services provided.

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  • Lib.Steps


    Solution that integrates all library research into a single platform, allowing users quick and accurate access to relevant information.

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  • EPIcA


    The newest and most complete Library Management Platform, all in one package! ILS software, Business Intelligence technology, integrated search engine and even more features!

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  • MacawPress


    The platform that allows authors and researchers to publish their works, unifying the academic knowledge produced by users around the world.

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  • CoLibrì System

    CoLibrì System

    A system that is very practical, easy to use and very economical. Offers effective protection for conserving entire collections of books and documents in libraries.

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  • Neschen AG

    Neschen AG

    Restoring damaged books, as well as rare documents and works, is now a simple task. Just use Neschen's self-adhesive film and paper system.

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Your research is more complete with our products!