In 2005, a group of people led by Robert Wing organized the first annual meeting that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, attended by high-impact librarians and editors. At this meeting, a new company was announced, responsible for mediating the acquisition process of electronic scientific journals in Latin America, thus forming what would be known as System Link International.


We started with an innovative group of local representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Years later, we arrived in the Caribbean and Central America. We have the advantage of working with local agents across Latin American regions, which allows us to understand the real needs of each client, as well as improve integration with publishers.


With a transparent policy and excellent working relationship, other Latin American companies abroad have expressed interest in being represented by System Link International. As we continued to expand, in 2012 we formed the ITMS Group. We represent a range of products for universities, research institutions and the corporate market, providing information and services to over 1,000 clients across a wide range of knowledge areas.

The ITMS Group Concept

We participated in the evolution and growth process of leading Latin American research institutions. Acting on many fronts, ITMS Group offers complete solutions to modernize the scientific and academic world.

  • We represent the best technical-scientific editors.
  • We offer the most innovative technological solutions.
  • We meet the needs of each client in a customized fashion.
  • We contribute to the democratization of scientific knowledge.