ASTM International: Industry-wide technical norms

Get access to the latest and most impactful technical standards for the development of industrial activities.

  • There are already more than 12,800 technical standards produced and operating on a global scale in the industry sector. ASTM offers insight that provides quality improvements in product research and development.
  • An absolute leader in the development of international standards, ASTM members are its biggest differentiator: over 30,000 high-caliber researchers and industry experts representing 140 countries.
  • Covering various industry segments, ASTM’s international norms are the key to companies achieving consumer satisfaction and becoming more competitive in the market in which they operate.

Sources of information to develop research

Norms and Publications

Access a collection of over 12,800 international technical standards simply and quickly.

Technical Reports

Analyze data, recommendations, and research developed by ASTM expert members.

Manuals, Monographs, and Data Series

Get practical manuals and advanced technical content to develop the industry with quality and safety.


A valuable source of insight for researchers, journals are peer reviewed.

Selected Technical Research

Over 29,000 academic engineering papers, including symposium publications, all peer-reviewed.

Digital library

Get online access to the collection of technical norms developed by ASTM experts.

Perfect the activities of the industry in which you operate.


Arguably, ASTM offers technical and practical knowledge that underpins development and research in a variety of markets, providing improvements in product and service quality.

Confidence for the market

The technical norms produced by ASTM generate credibility and security for industries, which expands the potential of their business by providing greater confidence to those who buy or sell products.

Content Reference

Founded in 1898, the American Society for Testing and Materials is recognized for producing voluntary consensus standards that enable the evolution of the entire industry and the market.

ASTM is the world leader in technical norms

Knowledge to develop improvements in product quality and safety, and facilitate your industry’s market access.

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