Bloomsbury: Leading Publishers in the Humanities

Independent editorial house that published Nobel Prize-winning authors Pulitzer and Booker. The original publisher of the Harry Potter series.

  • Bloomsbury is one of the publishers that most reveals major authors and works. Since its establishment in 1986, it’s publications move the scene of literature, arts and the humanities. Despite its brief history, it has already received several awards.
  • The publisher offers a vast source of content for teachers, students, researchers and universities. It’s digital collection exhibits works for all areas of humanities, from design, fashion and architecture, to philosophy and political science.
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Bloomsbury covers many areas of the humanities.

Applied Visual Arts

Illustration and Design, Architecture, Fashion, Marketing and Advertising.


Publications of classic and contemporary authors, Literary Criticism.


Philosophy, Anthropology, Political Science, History of Culture.


A collection of works on Education and Childhood Studies.

Bloomsbury Collection

Robust collection of academic works in the humanities and social sciences.

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