K-Boom 12

K-Boom12 is an initiative of ITMS Group & Partners, to ensure that schools respond effectively and innovatively to the education challenges.


Compilatio.net is the most widely used anti-plagiarism software in countries like France, ltaly, etc. The keys to our offer are powerful and reliable software, are personalized monitoring and educational resources for the prevention and detection of plagiarism.


The most efficient way to discover and understand research. Using Smart Citations, easily check how a scientific article has been talked about and if its findings have been supported or contrasted by others.


Alexandria empowers you to have a positive impact with your patrons, streamlines your daily tasks, improves the discoverability of your collection, and increases circulation through our key solutions.


Solution that integrates library research into a single platform, allowing users expedient access to pertinent information.


Dedicated software system that grants remote access to an institution’s IP-restricted networks, giving users access to subscribed electronic resources from anywhere in the world.

ITMS Analytics

The only Business Intelligence platform specializing in generating fast and accurate analysis for libraries.


EPIcA is innovation for your library The service and technology platform designed to simplify the management of all fronts of your library.