IEEE: Features that Deliver Technological Evolution

A professional, nonprofit organization committed to advancing technology for human development.

  • Through its publications, conferences, and technical standards for technology development, IEEE inspires an entire global community to innovate for humanity.
  • IEEE publications are of high credibility and trust in the scientific world, providing quality information to engineering and technology professionals around the world.
  • Accessing the IEEE collection of publications means receiving highly relevant content to make new discoveries, essential for the advancement of scientific and market research.

How the IEEE Computer Society is advancing technology worldwide

+700K articles available

Access high end, up-to-date content

+50K Active Members

Broad knowledge production

70 Years of Innovation

Global leader from 1946 to today

Advancing Science

Publication of journals and impact magazines

Conference Organization

Broadening the access and debate of innovations

Space for Knowledge

It has 39 technical societies that act in several subjects.

Stay up to date on major computer science trends!

Impacting and accessible knowledge

Get access to the largest computer science library with technical literature for the development of scientific and business research. Keep up with the major trends in your industry.

IEEE is a global reference

The articles published by IEEE combine theory and practice in the most diverse areas of technology. They are of high academic relevance, the works are referenced in bibliographies of various research papers.

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