ITMS Analytics²: Library Analysis Technology

The solution that collects data from different sources of information to analyze library service usage.

  • ITMS Analytics² integrates associative Business Intelligence tools, meaning that it is able to analyze and systematize data, allowing managers to view information interactively and intuitively.
  • Developed to meet the main needs of the librarian market, ITMS Analytics² can be parameterized according to library-specific indicators.
  • The solution generates analysis and reports that contribute to the management of information services and control of user registration. This allows us to identify improvements in library service and care.

Key Features

Analysis without a time limit

Gather an unlimited amount of data with no time limit for complete analysis.

Software Customization

Perform qualitative analysis of the attributes defined by your library, publishers, or validation mechanisms.

Data Visualization

The only platform that allows you to create your own analysis objects, such as charts, tables, and checkboxes.

Multichannel accessibility

Convert data into deliverable reports, the platform lets you export analytics to Excel, Word, PDF and other formats.

Process management

Control and track loans, renewals, and returns on copies of your library.

User registration

List users by attributes such as educational institution, career, user type and gender.

Obtain the power of analytics to optimize your library.

Uncomplicate your library management

ITMS Analytics² was designed to simplify information management in libraries of all sizes. The goal of the solution is to optimize activity execution time through the power of data analysis, which enables you to manage electronic and print resources.

Analyze user consumption trends

By tracking metrics, you’ll understand the turnover of your library volumes. Define the most relevant usage indicators to identify detailed information on the consumption of your digital and print collections: volumes most consulted, least consulted and not consulted.

Identify where to focus more investments

With ITMS Analytics² you are able to demonstrate, through accurate data, which fields of knowledge are most prolific and require the most incentive and investment. As such, the solution provides essential support to earn accreditation for academic programs.

Manage your entire collection based on data!

ITMS Analytics² lets you know in detail how academic research is conducted and a library.

ITMS Analytics² Functions

Unlimited Reviews

Allows you to analyze data over time, without chronological limit or amount of data.

Qualitative analysis

It allows analyzing data through the qualitative attributes defined by the library, editors and validation mechanisms (EzProxy and Open Athens).

Organization of physical collection

Optimizes the volume location system for physical volume collections through MARC tags.

Data collection from each volume

It gathers physical characteristics of the volumes of the printed collection, such as size, weight and state of conservation.

Process management

Performs all control of loans, renewals and returns of library collection items.

User Registration

It lists user characteristics such as academic background, career, user type and gender.

Search Control

Qualitatively defines users and institutions by locating conducted searches by IP.

Dissemination of analysis results

Only tool that allows the user to create their own analysis objects, such as graphs, tables and checkboxes.

Better accessibility

Exports data generated on the platform to applications such as Excel, Word, PDF and others, converting analytics into deliverable reports.

Deliver the digital transformation of your library.

Simplified Implementation

100% remote installation

Data upload enabled

Maintenance and Support

Cloud Installed Software

Mobile Compatible


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