BestMARC state-of-the-art tool in standardization and metadata management.

Improve discovery through better metadata management.

Our BestMARC metadata management system helps any unit of information to process, maintain, normalize and create bibliographic records quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Extend the value of collections with a great metadata management system
  • Signature, management and online solution to manage your MARC bibliographic records.
  • Convert AACR2 bibliographic records to the new RDA cataloging standard.

Main features of the RDA management tool:

  • Quick selection of content (336), media (337) and support (338) fields.
  • Conversion of fields 260 to 264.
  • Convert abbreviations to full terms with the new RDA standard.
  • Standardization of dates.

Administrative interface:

  • Identification of fixed fields, labels, indicators, fields or subfields that meet or not the standard.
  • Standardization and conversion to the RDA standard (Resources, Description and Access).
  • Automatic changes based on cataloging templates according to library policies.
  • Global edition of any type of format.
  • Migration of other catalogs to correct normalization.

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