Optimize your researches with Lib.Steps

The latest solution for integrating library research makes it easy to search for relevant information.

  • Lib.Steps is a library research integration system that searches for information and relevant scientific content in multiple databases. The solution that simplifies and speeds up the work of researchers.
  • With an intuitive interface, Lib.Steps allows a fast and hassle-free search of the most diverse scientific content collections. Custom filters make it simple to find complete and up-to-date information.
  • By using Lib.Steps to perform integrated searches, researchers are able to achieve a more accurate result in less time. An innovative technology, represented by ITMS Group.

Features and Benefits

See how Lib.Steps optimizes your search

1.  Search multiple databases with just one click

2. Unlimited coverage on collections worldwide

3. Use keywords in multiple languages to do your research.

4. Find scientific content out of print

5. Real-time search lets you find the most current content

6. Access direct information! Lib.Steps does not use metadata

Simplify and boost your searches with Lib.Steps

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Functions and Benefits

Mobile friendly

Access wherever you want on your device of choice

Third party API compatible

Easily adaptable to your existing environment

Remote install

The platform is available for quick use.

24/7 support

We promptly resolve any situation

Includes all open-access features

More freedom to search databases

Customizable Design

Customize the platform with your branding

Lib.Steps Facilities

Real time response

Mobile responsive

Custom A to Z List

Lib.Steps Link Resolver included

Automatic Maintenance, no system crashes

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