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For over a century publishing works with high academic and scientific rigor, producing knowledge and innovation.

  • Rockefeller University is recognized worldwide as one of the largest and most renowned biomedicine research centers, a prolific and relevant source of scientific knowledge that has been innovating the field.
  • With their unique approach to science, Rockefeller University’s contributions led to a revolution and transformation in biology and medicine in favor of life-sustaining and human development.
  • RUP is the editor of Rockefeller University, which publishes three of the most important scientific journals in the fields of biology and medicine: Journal of Cell Biology; Journal of Experimental Medicine; Journal of General Physiology.

RUP Publications Differentials

Quality and scientific integrity

Rigorous peer review

Science publications with excellence

Technological innovation driving research

Over a century of academic relevance

Easy access to scientific content

Access the most impactful Journals in the areas of Medicine and Biology.

JCB – Journal of Cell Biology

With international relevance and projection, JCB is the most influential journal on cell biology in academia. The publication offers a real forum for broadening the debate around the spectrum of cell biology.

JEM – Journal of Experimental Medicine

A scientific publication with more than 120 years of history, JEM is recognized as the journal that sets trends in all areas of experimental medicine. Currently, it’s focus is on disease and immunology research.

JCP – Journal of General Physiology

Since its establishment in 1918 by Jacques Loeb, JCP’s mission has been to publish high quality works in the fields of molecular and cellular physiology. A prolific and relevant source of knowledge, which offers subsidy even to independent researchers.

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