SAE International: Technical Standards for the Mobility Industry

Get access to SAE International’s collection, the global leader in technical learning for the development of the mobility industry.

  • A global association of engineers and technical experts from the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Focused on developing technical norms of voluntary consensus and long-term learning.
  • The SAE Digital Library provides access to technical documents, norms, books, and magazines from SAE International and other reputed organizations. It has an intuitive search platform, allows you to download and share a wealth of historical and updated content.
  • Today, the association has more than 128,000 engineers and technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. In this way, SAE International contributes to the advancement of the mobility industry.

Differentials of SAE International publications

Promote the advancement of the mobility industry

Create technical norms of scientific relevance

Provide engineers with relevant knowledge

Provide greater security and accessibility

Bring technological innovation to research

Develop and train more professionals

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SAE International is a global reference

World leader in connecting and educating engineers by promoting, developing and advancing aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle engineering. An indispensable player for mobility engineering.

At the forefront of the mobility industry

With a prolific production of technical norms, journals and scientific articles, SAE International is at the forefront of the industry in which it operates, embracing change and making room for debate and implant of new technologies.

Facilitates access to knowledge by professionals and researchers

SAE International makes efforts to advance the advancement of mobility engineering by producing and facilitating access to scientific works that promote new learning for professionals and researchers.

Get access to SAE International’s collection

With support from ITMS Group, you will be able to broaden your information base and technical norms to promote research and development in the mobility industry.

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