Systems and Tools

We develop systems that combine technology and knowledge to facilitate the research work of science and industry professionals.


The service and technology platform designed to simplify the management of all fronts of your library.

EPIcA is innovative and modern, designed to optimize library resources, increase user accessibility and offer better conditions for scientific and academic production. Promote new and more impactful knowledge experiences in your institution.

A Business Intelligence tool, created by engineers and entrepreneurs to collect data from different sources for the generation of concrete information, in order to optimize library management.

ITMS Analytics is used in dozens of research institutions in Latin America and around the world. The tool can be parameterized to suit the specifics of each type of library.

ITMS Analytics


An integrated library search system allows users to access real time information from available collections, including the entire library catalog, as well as eJournals, articles, and web databases.

With Lib.Steps, searches are done in a single database, searches can be done through filters, simply and quickly. The tool enables optimization of the researchers working time.

With Lib.Proxy technology, your institution will be able to offer remote access to all users, who can contemplate the complete collection of information services subscribed to by their library anywhere. In addition, with cloud technology, the need for a local server is eliminated, further reducing operating costs. Lib.Proxy is the most agile and cost-effective remote access solution, requiring no expensive licenses or time consuming deployments.